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Compact Size Multimeters (5XP, 15XP, 35XP)
Compact Size Multimeters (5XP, 15XP, 35XP)

The Meterman XP series of multimeters combine features and accuracy in a small device. Each XP multimeter has built-in non-contact voltage (NCV) detection, Magne-Grip holster and CAT III safety ratings. Three models to choose from:

  • 5 XP – 2000-count manual ranging meter for residential and commercial electrical use, and general purpose troubleshooting.
  • 15 XP – 2000-count autoranging with logic test for electronic and field service applications.
  • 35 XP – 4000-count autoranging with temperature and capacitance for industrial, HVAC and electronic applications.

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